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Weltrade Account Types

As a world-renowned broker, Weltrade provides a wide range of account diversity that includes a variety of trading conditions.
In this article you will learn in detail all the necessary information on such Weltrade account types as: Premium, Pro, Micro and SyntX accounts.
You can easily choose the right account for your trading style.
Weltrade Account Types

Weltrade Micro account

The Weltrade Micro account is a good choice for beginners and traders with average knowledge of financial markets.
Thanks to favorable conditions, trading is done without much risk, but with a huge benefit for you.

Weltrade Premium account

The Weltrade Premium account is more suitable for advanced traders with a lot of experience in trading and a variety of applied strategies.
The favorable conditions provided by this type of account will be highly appreciated by professional traders

Weltrade Pro account

The Weltrade Pro account is suitable for traders who require extended trading conditions and access to institutional level liquidity provided by the broker.

Weltrade SyntX account

The Weltrade SyntX account is a specialized trading account that offers unique features and benefits tailored to the needs of traders.
This type of account is suitable for any category of traders from beginners to professionals.
About the possibility of connecting an Islamic account for Muslim traders, please contact Weltrade at the official website weltrade.com.

Weltrade Account Types Comparison

Minimum deposit

When considering opening a Weltrade account in terms of minimum deposit, the most winning accounts are: Micro and SyntX accounts of Weltrade, as the minimum deposit on them is 1 USD.


Leverage available to traders on Micro, Pro and Premium accounts is up to 1:1000, but on SyntX Weltrade account it is up to 1:10000.

Here the choice is up to traders, which of the four accounts is preferable to open with the threshold of available leverage.


Offering floating spreads on all types of Weltrade accounts, traders are advised to choose an account to open based on a set of specific trading conditions according to the type of strategy.


Since Weltrade does not charge any commissions, it will be acceptable for a trader to open any of the four accounts provided (Micro, Pro, Premium and SyntX accounts).

Available markets

When opening an account on the availability of markets for trading, it is necessary to understand on which markets you plan to trade.

While for accounts:

- Pro and Advantage Weltrade are available markets such as: Forex, metals, commodities, stocks, indices, exotics;

- Weltrade Micro account provides access to: Forex, Metals, Commodities, Indices;

- Weltrade SyntX account gives access to SyntXes markets.

Order execution

Weltrade provides Market type of order execution for all available accounts.

Weltrade Demo account

In addition to the previously described accounts available for live trading with Weltrade broker, you can also open a demo account.
A demo Veltrade account will help beginners or traders with minimal knowledge of the financial markets to immerse themselves in the trading environment and explore the available trading platforms, starting to trade on them in a risk-free virtual environment that mimics the real one. At the same time, without risking their financial aresources, but gaining tremendous experience for future real trading.
For experienced traders, a demo account provides a unique opportunity to test previously unused tools in trading, to improve the quality of their analysis of the market environment. And most importantly - to experiment with a variety of strategies.

How to choose the right Weltrade account

Choosing the right trading account with Weltrade can have a significant impact on your trading experience and success. As there are several account types designed for different trading styles and experience levels, it is important to understand the features and benefits of each account.

Here is a detailed guide to help you make an informed decision:
Trading Experience and Skills

If you're new to trading, the Weltrade Micro Account is ideal. It allows you to start with a small deposit and offers lower risk exposure.

For those with more experience, the Weltrade Pro Account and Premium Account provide advanced features and higher leverage options.

The Weltrade Pro Account is designed for professionals who need a sophisticated trading environment and additional analytical tools.

Trading Instruments
Forex and CFDs
The Weltrade Pro Account and Premium Account are excellent choices for traders focusing on Forex and CFDs due to their competitive spreads and advanced trading conditions.

Synthetic Instruments
The Weltrade SyntX Account is perfect for those looking to trade synthetic instruments, offering unique opportunities not available with other account types.
Trading Strategy
Scalping and Day Trading
For traders who prefer short-term strategies, the Weltrade Pro Account and Weltrade Premium Account provide low spreads and fast execution speeds.

Long-Term Investing
For long-term investors, the Weltrade Premium Account offers stability and features suited for holding positions over longer periods.

Making the Final Decision
To choose the right Weltrade account, consider your trading goals, experience, and the specific features that each account type offers.
Micro Account
Best for beginners and those with a limited budget.
Pro Account
Suitable for experienced traders looking for advanced features and competitive conditions.
Premium Account
Ideal for professional traders and long-term investors needing premium services.
SyntX Account
Tailored for those trading synthetic instruments.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are there any demo accounts available on Weltrade?

Weltrade offers traders a demo account to practice and familiarize themselves with the platform, providing a risk-free environment with virtual funds, allowing traders to learn different strategies and understand the features of the platform without the risk of losing real money.
Weltrade demo accounts are especially useful for beginners who want to gain experience before starting real trading.

Can I switch between different Weltrade account types?

Yes. Weltrade allows traders to switch between different account types. This flexibility is an advantage, as traders can start with a basic account and move to a more advanced account as they gain experience or develop their trading needs. The process of switching accounts is usually straightforward, but it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with Weltrade's specific terms and conditions for any requirements or restrictions that may apply.

What are the commission fees associated with each Weltrade account?

Weltrade broker does not charge a commission on any of the accounts it provides.

Are there any promotions or bonuses for new Weltrade account holders?

Weltrade often offers promotions and bonuses to attract new traders. These can include welcome bonuses, deposit bonuses, and sometimes no-deposit bonuses. Promotions can change over time and may come with specific conditions such as minimum trading volumes or withdrawal limits. It is important for traders to read and understand these terms and conditions before participating in any promotional offer.

Can I hold multiple Weltrade account types simultaneously?

Yes! Weltrade allows traders to open multiple account types at the same time. This feature is useful for traders who want to diversify their trading strategies or take advantage of different account features. Managing multiple accounts can provide greater flexibility and a more personalized trading experience.