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Weltrade Login: Easy access to all Weltrade platforms

Weltrade login is the fastest and easiest among all brokerage companies.Broker Weltrade has provided a variety of ways to log in to the personal account, which makes it possible to instantly respond to changes in the financial world.

Here you will find out what ways you can log Weltrade personal area and choose the right way for you, whether it is logging in via email, Google or Facebook account, or using Line.
Weltrade Login
Created 01.07.2024

How to log in personal area Weltrade

Due to its focus on the needs of traders, the broker provides quick access to the personal area with the ability to login Weltrade using several easy ways.
You can log in to Weltrade on your PC and using the mobile app using email, Google or Facebook accounts, or a Line account.
If you are a confident user of Weltrade's Metatrader 4 and Metatrader 5 platforms, logging in to your personal area is easy as well.
Let's take a closer look at each of the possible Weltrade login options:

Weltrade login on PC

To Login Weltrade using your PC, you need to open a web browser convenient for you and follow the instructions below, using the method with which you went through the registration process:


The most popular way to login Weltrade is using e-mail.
To enter your personal cabinet using this method, you need to do the following:
1. Go to the broker's official website: weltrade.com.
2. Click on the gray button in the upper right corner "Login".
3. In the form that appears as shown on the screen, fill in the data that you specified during registration: valid e-mail address, password.
3.1. Carefully enter the data to successfully login Weltrade.
4. Click the "Sign In" button and you will be automatically logged into your personal Welltrade area.
Weltrade sign in email

Google account

To log in to Weltrade using your Google account you only need to take a couple of steps:
1. On the official website of the broker authorize using the appropriate "Login" button.
2. In the login form, select the Google account located at the bottom left.
3. Select a valid Google account and click on it.
4. Provide access to the account to the Weltrade system and you will automatically be logged into the broker's personal area
Weltrade sign in Google

Facebook account

Weltrade login using a Facebook account is no different from using a Google account.
You can successfully log in to your Weltrade personal area by following this guide:
1. Go to weltrade.com and click "Login".
2. Click on the Facebook button located down the middle.
3. Select a valid Facebook account and authorize the Weltrade system to successfully log in to your personal area.
Weltrade sign in Facebook account

Line account

If you are a Line user, Weltrade login through this system is made for you.
To authorize through Line you need to:
1. Go to the broker's official website and click the "Login" button.
2. In the opened window select the "Line" button, which is located at the bottom right, as shown on the screen.
3. You can log in to your personal Weltrade area using your e-mail and password from your Line account, or by using a QR code.
Weltrade sign in Line

Metatrader platform

Regardless of whether you use Metatrader 4 or Metatrader 5, logging into Weltrade is done the same way on these platforms.
Here we will consider logging in to Weltrade using the Metatrader 4 platform as an example:

1. Before logging into Weltrade Metatrader 4 you need to download and install the platform on your PC.
2. Open an account from those presented by the broker Weltrade, after which you will receive an e-mail with a username and password for your trading account on MetaTrader.
3. Go to the already installed Weltrade MT4 platform and in the window that appears enter the necessary data as shown on the screen.
3.1 If the window for entering data does not appear automatically, you can open it by selecting "Login to Trade Account" in the "File" tab.
4. Successful login to MT4 Weltrade will be indicated by an appropriate sound signal.
Weltrade sign in Metatrader platform

Weltrade login on mobile

Sign in Weltrade via the mobile app is also a popular method and is no different than logging in via PC.
In order to log in to your personal account Weltrade you need to install the application Weltrade : Online Investing, you can download it from the official website of the broker weltrade.com, as well as in stores App Store, Google Play and Huawei.
If you use Metatrader 4 and Metatrader 5 for trading, they must also be pre-installed on your mobile device for successful Weltrade login.

Detailed instructions on all available Weltrade login methods are provided here:


1. Log in to the pre-installed Weltrade application and enter the mail and password you used when registering your personal account.
2. Press the "Sign In" button.
3. You will be automatically logged into your personal Welltrade area.


1. Using the installed Weltrade mobile application, log in.
2. Select the Google button to sign in and select your active account.


1. Log in to the Weltrade mobile application : Online Investing.
2. Click on the "Facebook" button to log in to your Weltrade personal account through your active Facebook account.


1. Open the Weltrade : Online Investing application.
2. Click on the "Line" button.
3. Enter your e-mail and password from your account, or scan the QR code to log in.

Metatrader 4

1. Open an account for trading on the MT4 platform in your personal cabinet at Weltrade.
2. In the reply email, after opening an account, copy the login details for the platform.
3. Open the pre-installed MT4 Weltrade platform and select a real or demo account.
4. Enter the required login details that were sent to your e-mail when you created your Weltrade account.

Metatrader 5

1. First you need to create an account for the Weltrade MT5 platform.
2. After opening an account, you will receive an email with the necessary data to log in to the platform, memorize them or copy them.
3. Open the Weltrade Metatrader 5 mobile application and select an account (demo or real) depending on the one you have opened.
4. Enter the required login details that were sent to your e-mail when you created your Veltrade account.

Login to Weltrade Multi Terminal

Weltrade also provides the ability to trade using Weltrade MultiTerminal, it is available for the Metatrader 4 platform and is available for demo trading on the MT4 platform.
These Weltrade login instructions will help you to quickly start implementing any of your strategies:

1. At weltrade.com, log in to Weltrade in your personal area.
2. In the "Dashboard" section, select Multi Terminal and download it to your PC.
3. Having installed the Weltrade MultiTerminal platform go to it and enter the login and password from the demo account.
Login to Weltrade Multi Terminal

Possible Weltrade login problems and solutions

Weltrade, a well-known broker, provides traders with a variety of services, including easy access to their accounts. However, like any online platform, users might encounter login issues. Here are some common Weltrade login problems and their solutions:
  • Incorrect username or password
    The most common problem is entering an incorrect username or password.

    Use the following to solve this problem:
    - Double check your login credentials. Make sure the Caps Lock key is disabled and that you enter the correct case for each character.
    - Use the Forgot Password feature on the login page to reset your password if you cannot remember it.
  • Account lockout
    Multiple failed attempts to log in to Weltrade may result in a temporary lockout of your account.

    To resolve this issue you need to:
    - Wait for the lockout period to expire, usually a few minutes to an hour.
    - If the problem persists, contact Weltrade Support to confirm your identity and unblock your account.
  • Browser problems
    Sometimes the browser you are using can cause login problems due to cache, cookies or outdated versions.

    Try the following:
    - Clear your browser's cache and cookies.
    - Make sure you are using the latest version of your browser.
    - Try logging in using a different browser or device.
  • Server Problems
    Weltrade servers may be down for maintenance or technical problems may occur.

    - Check Weltrade's official website or social media channels for any announcements regarding maintenance or server outages.
    - Try logging in after some time.
  • Network connection problems
    A poor or unstable Internet connection may prevent you from logging in.

    Use the following options:
    - Make sure you have a stable Internet connection.
    - Reboot the router or switch to another network if possible.
  • Security software interference
    Security software, such as firewalls or antivirus programs, may block access to the Weltrade login page.

    Required Action:
    - Temporarily disable your firewall or antivirus software and try to log in again.
    - Add Weltrade as a trusted site in your security software settings.
  • Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) problems
    Problems obtaining or entering a 2FA code can prevent you from logging in.

    - Ensure that the 2FA code is entered correctly and within the time limit.
    - Check that your 2FA device (e.g., cell phone) is working properly.
    - Contact Weltrade Support if you are not receiving 2FA codes.
  • Account Status
    Your account may be locked or closed due to regulatory or other issues.

    - Contact Weltrade Support to check the status of your account and resolve any issues.


I forgot my Weltrade password. How can I reset it?

Uh, sure. If you don't remember your password when logging in to Weltrade, just click on the "Forgot password?" button in the field and write your e-mail, which will receive instructions on how to reset the password for your Weltrade personal area.

Can I log in to Weltrade using my social media accounts?

Yes. Weltrade broker supports the ability to log in to your personal area using Google, Facebook and Line accounts. You can use any of the provided methods convenient for you personally.

Can I access my Weltrade account from multiple devices?

Yes. You can login Weltrade on both PC (Windows, MicroOS) and mobile devices based on iOS, Android and Huawei, as well as on tablets of the same operating systems.

What should I do if I suspect my Weltrade account has been hacked?

If you suspect your account has been compromised, you will need to update your account information. Namely: change your password to a more secure one, check possible activity and leakage of funds from your account, as well as contact Weltrade support service.

How can I ensure my Weltrade login is secure?

To ensure security when logging into your personal Welltrade area, the first thing you should do is to create the strongest possible password for your account. Also, do not share your personal account access data with unauthorized people, including relatives and friends. Use Two-Factor Authentication (2FA).